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You Are Being Heard

With all the attention The Trade is getting, it is no wonder that writers are looking for every angle, including looking for the opinions of fans.  This is nothing new, but in the past reporters would go out to the proverbial man-on-the-street.  Now, they just log on to sites like this and sift through the comments.

Steve Aschburner quotes several posters from this site in his Sports Illustrated article seen here.

And in case Davis and Blount don't quite get how Jefferson has grown, they should take a look at some random posts from about what Minnesota calls the Garnett trade:

BigalwillwinmoreringsthanKG said:
[Garnett] is replacing a very likeable and albeit a popular player. . . . Big Al will make the C's pay for trading him.

Also quoted are makaveli, TNCeltic, and mobanners.

Say hello to the world.

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