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Daily Links 9/1

Herald   Posey to fight suspension    
Globe   Posey banned after driving case plea   
Davis deal near   
US looking to book trip   
"Our Game" traces the ups and downs of New England basketball   
ESPN    Breaking down the semis - who's going to Beijing   
Coach K abhors arrogance   
Divers search for Jameer Nelson's missing father   
Stern's approach to referees still needs rethinking   
LOY's Place   Analyzing the center situation   
Paul Pierce is playing games and having fun   
Red's Army   Why all the questions?    
Los Angeles Lakers   Boston Celtics preview        
Chicago Tribune   US Hoops swagger is back     
LA Times   NBA hasn't found any other illegal gambling by refs    
Puerto Rico remains a hurdle for USA team    
TSN Canada    30 teams in 30 days:  Celtics      
Sports of Boston   Player Preview:  Scott Pollard      
Supersonic Soul   Delonte West rocks NBA Live   
True Hoop   The FBI's pursuit of Wilt Chamberlain's alleged gambling     
Hoopsworld   Top 5 matchups to watch in 2008    
YAY Sports    What in the name of Rondo is going on?    
The Candian Press   James Posey vows to fight his suspension       
Sporting News   NBA's All  overpaid team          
Got Garnett     The return of Gino?     

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