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Discussion: What's Your Ultimate Team?

Hollinger's projected PER stats were just released (hat tip to Sactown Royalty) and it got me thinking.  What would my ultimate team look like?  Instead of boring you with what my team would look like, I'd like to open this up to discussion.

Some ground rules:

  • This is for this year only.  Future potential means nothing.
  • Current players only, and only as they project to play this coming year (injury risk is there - age is a factor too).
  • No salary cap or luxury tax restrictions.  Money is no object and all the players want to play for you.
  • You can pick from any player in the globe, this is not USA specific.
  • The opponent team will be made up of remaining players you didn't pick and play whatever style of game that suits them.

Some things to consider:

  • Who would be your number 1 overall pick?  KG?  Kobe?  LeBron?  Yao?
  • Would you even pick Kobe? (I gotta admit, I probably wouldn't, but the way he's playing for USA gives me pause)
  • Would you assemble the team like Team USA has (with some stars and a number of role players)?
  • Would you still put younger legs in there (like Melo) or would you focus on battle-worn vets (like Billups)?
  • Would you save a spot for a defensive player.  This would be Ben Wallace or Bruce Bowen if they were a little younger.  Perhaps James Posey?
  • What role players would you like on the team?  Prince?  Battier?
  • How many Celtics would make the team?  Would Pierce make the cut?  Would you pick Ray Allen ahead of him?
  • Who would you chose as the coach?

I'll come up with a squad of my own later, and you'll have the pleasure of picking it apart.  As a bonus, I might come up with an all-evil team to play against them.  If you want to get fancy, you can come up with an All Fast Break team and an All Defense team and stuff like that.


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