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And I Walked Uphill In The Snow, Both Ways


Yesterday's discussion was about the here and now.  Today, lets turn our attention to history.  I'd like to open up the discussion to all the old timers here.

My memories date back only to the 1985 - 86 timeframe, when everything was easy and we were always in the Finals.  I remember vividly the feel of the carpet under my elbows as I lay in front of the TV with my head propped up, watching the Celtics beat the Rockets with the sound turned off and Johnny Most playing on my dad's old radio.  Still, I was too young to fully understand everything that was happening or to experience it on a deeper level.

I'd like to hear annecdotes and stories from folks that lived through the golden years.  Tell us stories about the 80's, 70's, and even 60's back.  Tell us about when you met a player or coach.  Tell us stories about how the team and the game touched your life somehow.  Its story time!

For more historical pictures of the C's, see here.

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