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Celtics Links - 9/13/07

Boston Herald
Garnett embraces role as chemistry teacher.
Rivers pumped up for European voyage.
The Green Room
One crazy summer.
Boston Globe
Doc doesn't wan to get starstruck. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't imagine the premise for this article applying to Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Larry Brown (killed me to type that), Greg Popovich and so on.
Celtics off the court.
Celtics Blog
Cheating in basketball. Green Bandwagon Note - Interesting points. I believe HGH is far more prevalent in the NBA than people want to believe. So when it does go public I won't be outraged or surprised.
Loy's Place
Getting to know Scot Pollard.
Father Knickerbockerr
The Easteron Conference's worst nightmare. Green Bandwagon Note - It is amazing that KG is a Celtic. My only concern is wondering how a guy can be that intense. I know others have wondered the same. I just want him to have something left by the end of the season.
Shamrock Headband
NBA Preview: northwestern expenditure.
Rocket Fuel.

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