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Daily Links 9/14

Herald     Oden to miss rookie season   
Boston:  hub of the sports universe    
ESPN      Oden following in footsteps of misfortune in Portland   
LOY's Place    Getting to know Kevin Garnett   
Yardbarker   Rondo is back with the team and blogging     
Worcester Telegram    Sharry aided NBA players 
TWolves Blog   Al Jefferson better Wolves career than KG    
Sports of Boston    Celtics rivals preview:  New Jersey Nets    
Green 17    The tragedy of Doc Rivers       
The Sports Watchers    Is Oden's injury a blessing in disguise?    Assessing the impact of Oden's injury       
Courtside View   Amazing turn of events     
Celtics 17   Celtics winks blinks and thinks    
Hoopsworld   Was Al Jefferson right about Greg Oden?   Doc Rivers conference call    
Yahoo Sports   Oden lost for the season    
Boston Daily    Greg Oden meet Sam Bowie     
Hoopsvibe   Doc shouldn't worry about coaching Celtics All Star trio     
Shamrock Headband      Knickerbocker chronicles - Bonus sexual harassment edition   
Warriors' World     Nelson is back,  Celtics actively in talks for Jasikevicius  

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