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Celtics Links - 9/19/07

Boston Herald
Drama in, not on, NY court.
Celtics Blog
2007 fall lineup.
2nd round surprises. Green Bandwagon Note - Good way to tell if people follow basketball. Tell them Jared Jordan is MJ's kid. If they believe you, well...
The next European coach to make it in the NBA. Green Bandwagon Note - If Doc Rivers' presence proves to be detrimental to the squad, David Blatt will haunt me.
Loy's Place
Getting to know Gabe Pruitt. Green Bandwagon - I have to be honest. I've completely ignored Pruitt. But this got me excited about giving him a shot. Let's see what he can do.
Time Stops for No One
Dickens wasn't referring to these two places.
Sports of Boston
Age limit good or bad?
Game Recognize Game
Eastern Conference Preview.
Sports Watchers
Sorry Boston, The Celtics are not winning the East.
Bleacher Report
Boston's Moment: 17 or bust for the Celtics.
The Last Word
Boston Celtics season preview.
Shamrock Headband
NBA preview: FIBA rapture.
Beckett Bowl Mania - Great quotes from the Celtics here.

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