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Fall Lineup 2007

I did this same gimmick last year and enjoyed it so much that I think I’ll make it an annual thing.  It is time for the new Fall TV shows to come out, so here’s a lineup for Celtics fans.

Big Shots

Starring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.  Three big men on campus used to getting their way forced to live in the same dorm room.  Hilarity ensues.

Pushing Daisies

Let’s see, the story is about someone that can make people die or come back to life with a single touch.  Sounds like the story of Celtics fans.  One minute we are destined for greatness, the next moment our heart stops because of some ping pong balls, then shortly after we’re alive and kicking again.  In an odd sot of yin-yang sort of way, everytime we've been down, the Portland fans have been up, and vice versa.

Kid Nation

Stop me when you’ve heard this before.  A bunch of kids get shipped to a desolate land where they have to fend for themselves in front of a viewing audience.  Ladies and gentlemen, your Minnesota Timberwolves!

Dirty Sexy Money

Starring Wyc Grousbeck, Danny Ainge, and a cast of wacky free agent characters with big bankrolls.  Watch as Scot Pollard hires a hair stylist to change his look for each quarter during the games.  Watch as Eddie House falls asleep in the corner for 10 minutes at a time but when the ball swings around to him he can still nail the jumper with his eyes closed.  Watch as James Posey teaches Kendrick Perkins the finer points of the forearm shiver by practicing on Chicago Bulls players.

Others to consider:

Chuck – The story of a Ray Allen’s range, which starts when he enters the gym.

Gossip – Basically a story about this blog right around draft time.  Reality TV at its most gripping.

Cavemen - I think wdleehi's signature pretty much says it all:


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