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Daily Links 9/19

Herald    Bucks ink Ivey and wait on Bell    
Isaiah loved and hated harassment plaintiff   
Drama in, not on, NY court   
Globe   Chemistry test for USA Women's team    
Hoopsworld   Second round surprises    
USA basketball leads to missing games    
TrueHoop   The next European coach to make it to the NBA   
LOY's Place   Getting to know Gabe Pruitt    
NY Times   Teaching the importance of staying centered    Internal review of referees said to be nearing completion        
Time Stops for No One    Dickens wasn't referring to these two places        
Sports of Boston    Age limit good or bad?     
Game Recognize Game   Eastern Conference preview   
Friends of Bill Russell    Bill Russell's adult basketball camp     
The Sports Watchers   Sorry Boston, the Celtics are not winning the East     
The Bangor Daily News   The Big O sizes up the Celtics   
Bleacher Report    Boston's Moment:  17 or bust for the Celtics   
ESPN Insder   College coaches can win in the NBA    
The Last Word   Boston Celtics season preview      
Shamrock Headband    
NBA preview:  FIBA rapture     
Green Bandwagon    NBA Preview:  Knicks    
NBA Preview:   Sixers and Pistons      
FSN    Beckett Bowl Mania - great quotes from the Celtics there    

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