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Still No Interest in PGs

Shira Springer reports:

Well, Ainge doesn't want Hudson - or anyone else right now - as a point guard. He said he is committed to Rajon Rondo as his starter (no surprise there) and that he is just as committed to a group of players as Rondo backups. Those players all happen to be on the Boston roster: Ray Allen, Tony Allen, and Gabe Pruitt. The two Allens are hardly your prototypical point guards, while Pruitt is a rookie.

"When Ray Allen got here, he told me and Doc that he had played some point for George Karl in Milwaukee and that he wanted to do that here," Ainge said. "Tony Allen, two years ago, played the point and our offense was the most efficient of the season. Gabe Pruitt can defend and get us into our offense. And a lot of the offense is going to run through KG and Paul [Pierce] in the high post anyway.

"I really like our depth, our strength, our power, our speed, and our athleticism at the point guard position. And we have great ball-handling bigs."

I'd like someone (either fans or from the Celtics) to provide us with these efficiency stats from when Tony Allen played point.  I'd also like to see his general stats over that period.

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