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Gerald Green Visits Boston

green1.jpgHas anyone disappeared from the collective conscience of Celtics fans quicker than Gerald Green?  He peaked as a household name when he won the slam dunk contest in Vegas.  He was part of the rebuilding plan and a  potential future star.  Just a few short months later, he's a trade throw-in that some reports indicate that McHale didn't even want. 

Most fans lamented losing Al Jefferson.  When the deal was finalized, many were openly hoping that Ryan Gomes would find his way back to Boston.  But did anyone care about Gerald Green?  Some did, for sure, but the majority of fans wrote him off as both yesterday's news and still 2 years away at best.  Some even consider him a bust already.

Yesterday Gerald visited Boston as part of some kind of Reebok event and the media was there.

Marc Spears reports:

"After I saw KG hold up my old jersey, it sunk in," said the 21-year-old Green. "That's when I knew I was gone, I was out of here. But it's a business.

"I feel honored to be traded for a guy like Kevin Garnett. And then he's wearing my jersey? So, I'm honored."

Green said he has stayed in touch with ex-teammates Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, and Tony Allen. Although Green hasn't visited with any Celtic players or officials during his trip to the area, he has no animosity toward his old club.

Mark Murphy reports:

As a result, Green has embarked on a rather odd trip into his past with Minnesota. He’s had several conversations with former and now current teammate Ricky Davis, and figures to break bread with Mark Blount at some point as well.

How strange is it going to be to see the TWolves play this year?

I wish Gerald Green the best of luck.  He always seemed like a nice kid and I hope he becomes a star in his own right.

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