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State of the Bandwagon

Last week I set out to preview all of the NBA's teams in a light hearted fashion. And it went pretty well. But then TZ from Sactown Royalty pulled out a preview of the Atlantic (see my last post) that blew my efforts away. Also it turns out that I don't have a ton to say about the other teams. Probably stems from a combination of varying amounts of knowledge and strong indifference. Meanwhile, I've dropped the ball on several stories. The Celtics' recruiting Esteban Batista, Doc's shocking revelation that he almost made the terrible career decision of hiring Larry Brown as an assistant coach and a few others come to mind. Excuses such as tons of work at my real job and fantasy baseball playoffs are lame at best. Once again I need to regroup and get ready for the season ahead. So with that in mind I have come up with some theme days:

Monday - YouTube Clip of the Week
Tuesday - Basketball Card of the Week
Wednesday - Book Review (once a month)
Thursday - Random NBA factoid
Friday - Shameless plug of SB Nation link as well as a Celtics themed blog link

In addition I am looking to pick things up again with daily links and eventually game previews and recaps.

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