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Celtics Links - 9/24/07

Celtics Blog
Six degrees of Celtics.
Pistons moving Rasheed Wallace to center. Green Bandwagon Note - I often wonder about Rasheed's legacy. His tirades and aggressive attitude definitely turned the mainstream media against him. At the same time Wallace's teammates seem to love him. Regardless, I always thought he could have been a dominant offensive force if only he wanted it.
Loy's Place
Questions and uncertainties.
Taking it to the Rack
Beantown boys balk at Brown. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm not sure I could take Larry Brown as a head coach. All of the side stuff is just too much. But on the flipside he is one of a handful of legit NBA coaches. And wins cure everything.
Jen's Free Throws
Garnett is taking up Boston fanhood. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm not sure I agree with the assessment that KG will mentor Paul Pierce. They're the same age.
The Sports Watchers
Can the Boston Celtics become relevant again?  
Sports of Boston
Player Preview: Ray Allen.
The Sports Corner
Celtic Pride back in Boston.
Shamrock Headband
Fear and trepidation at the outset