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Celtics Links - 9/25/07

Boston Herald
Celtics check out Williams and other bigs.
Boston Globe
Ainge still looking to fill big shoes.
Resellers could get to write their own ticket. Green Bandwagon Note - This might make those guys on the street a bit less seedy if it fit goes through. Nope. Just read the article and the stipulations for scalpers would probably be ignored by some.
Celtics Blog
I guess we're all set at point guard.
Loy's Place
Celtics Pride is back.
Dime Mag
This would have been a disaster. Green Bandwagon Note - Agreed.
Roto Times
AtlanticDivision preview.
Celtics wrong to consider Larry Brown, Doc Rivers perfect for this team. Green Bandwagon Note - I agree with Larry Brown stuff. But I'm not sold on Doc Rivers as an effective game manager. I tend to view him as completely the opposite. Either way it is all or nothing now.

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