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Doc Having Fun With Lineups Already

Peter May reports:

Rivers will also experiment with lineups, including one with Garnett, normally a power forward, at center, and one with Pierce or newcomer James Posey at power forward. Rivers also plans on experimenting with a three-guard lineup of Ray Allen, Pierce, and Tony Allen, or Ray Allen, Tony Allen, and newcomer Eddie House.

"We have a lot of flexibility," Rivers said.

He also mentioned that Doc hasn't decided on a pace for the team yet.

"I'm going to base my decision on how the big three play. If two of the three aren't sprinters, you can be a fast-paced team but you can't be an uptempo team. There is a difference. I think we can be a fast-paced team. I just don't see us being an uptempo, Phoenix Suns team. I know we're not going to do that."


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