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Friday: SB Nation link and Celtics themed blog link of the week

SB Nation link of the week

Regular readers of Green Bandwagon know that I do not like the Knicks. And yet I am a big David Lee fan and I love Posting and Toasting. Furthermore, Stephon Marbury is quickly losing his mind and P&T has been all over it. Therefore, I am obliged to send you over there to check out the latest from Marbury. What happened to this guy? Are drug tests random in the NBA? Is this what it was like from the late 70s until the mid to late 80s? Can you honestly tell me he's not under the influence of something? I always thought he was a bad ass of sorts. But now every time I see Marbury he reminds me of everyone's buddy that rarely drinks but gets absolutely smashed once in a blue moon. Yet Marbury is permanently like that.
Oh one more thing: Yes Sir! Actually I lied. I have one more thing. When I watch the "Yes sir" clip I finally understand why Marbury could never last in Minnesnowta (his term), New Jersey or Phoenix. I can't picture that clip happening anywhere outside of New York. For better or worse Marbury should be a Knick.

Celtics themed blog link of the week

So it turns out that Brian Scalabrine does not like to be called Veal. This information is courtesy of one of the most uncomfortable interviews I have seen in quite some time.


  • He gets giddy about Perk.
  • No really, he does not like to be called Veal.
  • All time, all time?
  • Scalabrine loosens up over the course of the interview.
  • Never say that Scalabrine does not know how to stress syllables.
Well done Perk is a Beast.

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