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Media Day Kicks Off

new big 3In the past, you could almost feel the lack of enthusiasm from the media leading up to Media Day.  The newspapers would be silent on the topic of basketball until the day after.  Then the reports would all be about who could find the most glaring trouble signs and create the most stir with controversy.

Not this year.  This year the media can't contain themselves.  They are as excited as the rest of us fans.  The microphones and cameras haven't even been turned on yet and already we have two of the best Celtics writers waxing poetic about the season ahead.

I'll quote the two articles I'm referencing, but I encourage you to read them both.

Scott Souza talks about the free pass we will give the team until the games begin:

Sure, you can wonder about the age of Big 3: The Next Generation. Yes, you can contemplate if Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo are worthy of filling out the starting lineup of a supposed title contender. Sure, you can look at Scot Pollard’s hair and ask yourself: Why is he here again?

And, fine, you can convince yourself that Doc Rivers couldn’t coach the first Olympic Dream Team to a bronze, let alone this squad to a banner, if you are so predisposed.

But, for the most part, you are going to give the flowery images of glorious precamp workouts and single-minded goals a chance to be proved wrong today rather than demanding they be proved right on the spot.

Steve Bulpett discusses the motivation driving Pierce, Garnett, and Ray Allen:

It’s doubtful this team will dissolve into shamrock dust under the weight of these stars, for there is something we have left out of this equation that offers the best hope for the immediate Celtic future. Lost amid the awards, points and dollars is the operative stat that will help decipher the collective mindset of Garnett, Pierce and Allen as they embark on their journey: zero.

While the three are set for life with money and individual glory, they have yet to win a championship . . . or even threaten to win one.

That's just good writing by Souza and Bulpett.  Media day is off to a great start.

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