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I don't want to push Justin's reports down the page too much, so see some more reports after the jump.

I find it amusing that Dan Shaughnessy seems to be making an attempt to relate the Celtics to Red Sox fans (who he appears to be assuming have forgotten what this whole basketball thing is):

Garnett is legitimate NBA royalty. Try to imagine Ted Williams being traded to a contender for the final five years of his career and you pretty much have the picture.

Early reviews on Garnett are spectacular. He looked good throwing out a first pitch at Fenway ("a sinker")

Mark Murphy has a number of notes of interest:

On Tony Allen 

Danny Ainge pointed to the Celtics’ Nov. 2 season opener against Washington as a realistic date for Allen’s return to availability, and the guard didn’t dispute that yesterday.

On Scot Pollard 

As for the veteran backup center’s actual job, here’s how Pollard describes it:

"I do what I do. People ask what I do, and I say I run around and push people."

On Powe vs. Davis

Asked about his friendship with Davis, a competitor for backup minutes at power forward, Powe said, "I get along with Glen real good. He’s a nice guy. But when I get on the court, it’s business."

Steve Bulpett has a piece on Rondo.  One interesting note by Rajon:

"We’ll have to work together," Rondo said. "I feel I am at my best when I’m running, but they’re at their best when they’re in the halfcourt. So we can mix it up. You have to be able to do both to win a championship, I believe. You have to be able to execute in the halfcourt offense, and I think we’ll definitely be able to do that, as well as fast breaking.

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