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Kendrick Perkins

How good are Tony Allen, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo? It's a question I think about a lot and have an hard time answering. Why? For starters I'm an incredibly irrational Celtics fan. I predicted that last year's team would make the playoffs.  And then there is the work of Tommy Heinsohn, or as he is known around these parts - The Minister of Information. But over the next few days I'm going to try once again to evaluate Allen, Perk and Rondo.  

Kendrick Perkins

Cons: Has struggled with fouls, does not hate the illegal screen, loves the short jump hook almost exclusively, not the most athletic guy and has battled injuries to his shoulder and foot.

Pros: A much more adept passer than most people realize, will make under $4.5 million during each of the next 4 seasons, is still young (23 in November), works hard, has greatly improved his conditioning over the course of his career, does not like Mark Blount.

Around the NBA: Seems to alternate between "Kendrick Perkins who?" and "He'd be a good third center."

The Minister of Information's take: Unlike a lot of the young C's last year Perkins never received the classic "if he masters (insert type of shot here) he will be an All Star in this league." Although I'm not exactly sure what that means for #43. However, the Minister of Information is on the record for loving Perk's hustle, work ethic and attitude. Don't get me wrong those are all awesome areas to excel. But notice how they are not exactly discernable basketball skills. I'll go out on a limb and say he would not be as high on Perk if a team other than Boston employed the big man.

My Take: I tend to think Celtics fans as a whole, myself included, overvalue Perkins. That said he's better than people around the league realize. He is by no means an elite center and would not be a great fit as a starter on a team like the 76ers. However, the veteran laden Celtics could be a perfect fit for his skills - setting picks, defending, getting easy baskets and maybe throwing his weight around from time to time. Also I want to stress that Perk really improved as a passer, particularly true towards the end of last season. He sees the court well for a big man, which is always a plus.

Overall: I expect a solid year from Perk as long as he can stay healthy. He may not wow people but will have a job in the NBA for a long time.

Photo courtesy of julianmetropol over at Flickr.

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