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Daily Links 9/30

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Herald   Celtics hoping trip translates into success   
C's Allen likes new math     
Rivers rolls out thoughts on Celtics  
Globe   NBA Europe Vacation plus vocation       
A prescription for patience 
The road to Rome       
Change in Globe's sports lineup     
Hoopsworld   It takes more than 3 to win   Training camp Euroblog   
LOY's Place   Highlights from media day coverage   
Reports from Rome     
MetroWest Daily   Perkins is one of the kids again   
Canton Rep   Pierce gets help with load    
NY Daily News   Boston and LA are centers of the NBA once again 
The Star   European invasion begins    
Celtics 17   Celtics Media Day    
Celtics blend at center could be tasty     
20 Second Timeout   The greatest power forwards of all time  
Indy Star  Bird confident Pacers mixing up a winner    
Shamrock Headband   Teams I should care about but don't    
Got Garnett   Off to Rome      
Sports of Boston   Player preview:  Esteban Batista    

I apologize that these weren't posted earlier but I couldn't access the front page.  I emailed them to Jeff but apparently somehow by doing that it added scripts.  Following Bob's suggestion I downloaded Firefox and was able to access the front page and finally got the links posted. 

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