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Others Questioning the PG Spot

I've said enough about the point guard position, so I won't say anything more.  I will, however, link and quote.

Marty Burns -

What's more, the Celtics don't have a proven backup at the position. Tony Allen, Eddie House and rookie Gabe Pruitt are more combo guards than pure points.

Still, Ainge appears to be taking a calculated risk by not looking to add another veteran floor leader to his roster. What if Rondo can't handle the job? What if he gets injured?

It's enough to at least temper some of the enthusiasm among those Celtics fans.

Cranky Charlie Rosen - Fox Sports

The Celtics are hopeful that the untested Rajon Rondo can assume the starting point-guard slot. For sure, the youngster can run with anybody, but he can't shoot a lick and he has a tendency to be somewhat wild with the ball. The other semi-credible candidate is Tony Allen, who has a scorer's mind-set, and will most likely back up Rondo. There's also been some talk about Ray Allen playing some point, but not much good will come of this if it ever does happen. The reason being that the added stress is risky business for an aging player who had surgery on both ankles during the summer.

That's why Ainge might have been wiser to recruit a point guard who's more of a facilitator than a scorer. Somebody like Brevin Knight, for example.

Ainge recently stated that since most of the Celtics' offense will run through either Pierce or Garnett at the high post, a traditional point guard won't be absolutely necessary.

Hmmm. Apparently Ainge isn't at all concerned about the importance of having someone who can safely carry the ball across the time-line, make appropriate decisions whenever the Celts are on the run, and execute timely passes into Pierce/Garnett. Could it be that Ainge — who believed that Antoine Walker was, then wasn't, then was, then wasn't Boston's savior — is once again deluding himself?

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