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New Years Day Links

Herald  It's more than star power      
How the West was won     
Globe    The road had many bumps     
Magic 08 ball tells all     
MetroWest Daily    Western swing perfect for Celtics    
Celtics 24/7    Celtics New Year's resolutions      
Red's Army   Answering some questions     
Cape Cod Times   For rest of nation, Celtics worth hating again     
NY Post    Celtic Thunder     
Fox Sports   Bringing back basketball days of yore     
Brothers Judd   The routinization of champions     
Hoopsworld   Can't doubt Boston's defense     
Up close with Rajon Rondo    
Up close with Paul Pierce     
Bob Ryan's Blog   When will it end?    
The Sports Beat    LA fashion statement pales in comparison to Celtic domination 
LOY's Place   Some New Year's Thoughts     
The Bostonist   We love LA     
The Coffin Corner   Can the Celtics get some respect now?   
Shamrock Headband   La la la la   
Lex Nihil Novi    1986 Celtics crush Cornbread's Clippers   
1986 bench starting to come around      
Connecticut Post    Team of rivals Lakers' shorts confused them     

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