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A "Good" Loss?

Ok, there's no such thing as a truely "good" loss (even when you are playing for lottery balls that may or may not deliver you a savior).  Still, Pierce was looking for silver linings. 

"Maybe it's good for us," Pierce theorized after the game. "You can always learn from a bad win. You can also learn from a bad loss."

  Here are some bright sides to the hicup in the Garden last night. 

  • Talk of historic pace and challenging records goes on hold (for now)
  • It didn't take long for me to get a partial answer to my question
  • The team was humbled - perhaps they needed it after such an emotional win against Detroit
  • Nobody really thinks much less of the Celtics, this will rightfully be viewed as a letdown game
  • If last night were a more important game, both Ray Allen and Big Baby would have played
  • Instead, both got some extra needed rest (Ray because he's older and Baby because of the dreaded "rookie wall")
  • Hey, Detroit lost too (though to a much better team)
On the other hand, a loss is still a loss and I would have preferred a win.

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