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Daily Links 1/10

Herald   Down go Celtics!  KO'd!       
Dudley accentuates the positive     
Just one of those nights in an otherwise special season      
Globe    Celtics shocked     
All would vote this outing their worst     
Allen, Davis sidelined       
Various posts on last night's game      
MetroWest Daily   Loss not the end of the world for the C's      
AP report,  Celtics bitten by Bobcats   Post ups notebook - In game notes     
CelticsBlog   A good loss?       
Felton predicts Celtics in the finals     
LOY's Place   Bobcats hand Celtics worst loss of the season   
Celtics 17    Bobcats get road win on the road    
Hoopsworld   Felton predicts Celtics in finals     
Bobcats upset Celtics      
Celtics 24/7  Hey, it happens     
Red's Army   Kendrick Perkins = honest     
Did Rondo get busted?     
Ken Mauer bio       
Perkisabeast   C's get Mauer-Ed by Bobcats    
Full Court Press   Quotable quotes about the Celtics    
Charlotte Observer   Bobcats drop Celtics to 29-4     
Worcester Telegram   Pierce doesn't expect to start    
Bobcats scratch flat C's      
Enterprise    Cats yeow for Celtics     
SouthCoast Today   Today's C's channeling yesteryear     
Larry Brown Sports   Celtics already breaking down    
Sporting News   Celtics historic run hits a roadblock     
A Blog   Lost and found and why the West will win   
Got Garnett   In case you forgot what a loss felt like     
Sports Brethren   The most untypical Bobcats game ever     
Detroit Bad Boys    Rasheed refused to join the huddle    
Sports of Boston   Celtics four point play        
Fox Sports   Which team is the biggest train wreck?      
NY Daily News    Fire Isiah gear is hot        
WEEI   Danny Ainge on The Big Show         
Lex Nihil Novi  Life as Doc Rivers before KG       
The relative merits of E House and R Allen   
YAY Sports   Carnival of the NBA #53    
Shamrock Headband    Well that's just great       
Green Colored Glasses   Game 33:  frustrating      
Metro    Allen gets his shot         
Big on defense      
Connecticut Post     Bobcats trip up Celtics       

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