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Isiah Thomas: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It is always a pleasure when Isiah Thomas does my work for me.  This one is almost too easy.

The Knicks dropped their eighth game in nine tries Wednesday night, a 101-92 decision to the Rockets at the Garden.  Yao Ming torched the Knicks for 36 points and 11 boards, and apparently Zeke felt that Yao was having his way more than a bit too much in the paint.  Early in the fourth, Thomas attempted to take care of the matter himself by flipping out with the Knicks trailing by three points, and suffice it to say that the strategy didn't fare as hoped.  Zeke was ejected, and the Knicks fell apart shortly thereafter.

It is certainly a nice treat for Knick-haters that Thomas acted foolishly enough to get himself heaved from a tight game at the worst possible time for his team (as Isiah getting tossed at most times generally isn't good for Knicks-haters).  What is even nicer, however, is the preface.

From Roderick Boone's recap in Newsday:

Thomas warned referee Danny Crawford during the first half, saying he would make a scene and draw a technical foul if the officials didn't start watching Yao.

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Now, I'm familiar with the concept of a coach trying to get himself hit with a technical either for the purpose of firing up his team or to make a point to the referees for calls to be made down the road.

But to use something to the effect of "I'm going to get myself T'd up if the calls don't change" as a threat?  To the referees?   Just befuddling.

Of course, we don't know what exactly was said, but here's wondering if it was along the lines of the old standby 'If you don't start helping my team, I'm going to give the other team a free point and run the risk of getting myself ejected.'  Yep, potent indeed.

Just like the rest of the man's tenure in the Big Apple.

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