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What Happens In Vegas...

File this under "the PC police got to him."

Step 1: Rondo posts on his YardBarker blog about losing some money gambling with his teammates.

I have some bad news....I probably won't be gambling as much with my teammates anymore....I lost a lot of money a few days ago and I'm still kind of sick behind it. Well...I may still gamble, but I may not go overboard like I did...haha.

Step 2: Fanhouse reports it. (I meant to link to it as a funny story but never got around to it - didn't seem that important)  Watson did a good job putting this into perspective:

This shouldn't surprise you, but a lot of NBA players like to gamble. They're young, competitive and have a lot of discretionary income. Not only that, but card games with teammates are practically facilitated by teams considering each player is handed envelopes of cash for their per diem as they board the team plane before each road trip. As you'd expect, a lot of players leave the plane empty handed.

Step 3: As noted by Red's Army, the post has been changed with that passage oddly absent.

Hmmm.  I think that after the Donaghey scandal, the league is super-sensitive right now.  Perhaps Rondo should have learned from Gilbert's lesson last March.  Go ahead and gamble, just don't tell anyone about it.  Oh yeah, and um, don't bet on your own games, right Pete? 

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