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Boston Celtics vs. New Jersey Nets: 1/11/08 - Open Game Thread

It seems like an eternity since the Celtics grabbed their second victory against the Nets. A lot has changed since then. Vince Carter is back. Jason Kidd is putting up impressive numbers. He's also a turnover machine. Josh Boone is getting time and making the Nets organization wonder why Jason Collins ever played. Meanwhile, Sean Williams remains one of my favorite random NBA players. He's a shot blocker. Of course since the last time these two teams met the Celtics have run off a bunch of Ws, Glen Davis has gotten the fans excited and the Celtics have temporarily silenced some critics.

In the grand scheme of things this game does not mean a lot. However, the Nets are a team that toyed with the Celtics for quite some time. Damn it, Boston should have been the team to get stomped by the Lakers in the Finals. Oh well. It's always good to beat the Nets. Go Celtics.

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