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Potential Blowout Night?

At the risk of completely jinxing this team, I'd like to point out a Henry Abbott post on TrueHoop.   Here are the two main points (both quoted from other sources):

The Newark Star-Ledger's Dave D'Alessandro checked in with the team:

Once in a while, you can tell whether these guys are juiced to play a game.

This isn't one of those times.

Q. You haven't personally had a real shot at these guys yet.

Vince: (shrug).

Q. You got clobbered by 23 once against Boston, and were down 23 the other time. Your guys could say that your absence was a factor.

Vince: (shrug).

And so on.

And then there's this from Tommy Beer:

The C's have lost four games thus far, and they have avenged each loss with a brutal retaliation against who ever happened to cross their path.

  • On 11/18, the Orlando Magic beat Boston 104-102. In their next game (11/21), the Celts trounced the Warriors 105-82.
  • On 11/27, Boston lost to the Cavs in overtime (109-104). Their next game was the "Boston Massacre in which the spanked the Knicks 104-59
  • On 12/19, the Pistons beat the C's by two (87-85) in Beantown. Two days later the Celts beat up on the Bulls, 107-82.

So, I assume by now you see the pattern developing.

 I like where this is headed.

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