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Daily Links 1/12

Herald     No Jersey barrier       
Team knows no better alternative      
Double whammy on Hawks       
Globe    Celtics avoid another trip     
Rondo wrenches back in fall       
Celtics Blog    The fans one could do without     
LOY's Place    Celtics grind out a win in New Jersey    
ESPN   Garnett drops 20 as Celtics race to 30th win      
Celtics 24/7     Celtics defense wallops Nets     
Red's Army    The defense did it        
Perkisabeast     Rotten in Denmark?      
Food for thought:  backing up the point       
Green Bandwagon     Celtics at Nets recap       
Star Ledger    Pierce makes a prediction        
NY Times    Nets fade in the fourth as Celtics take over      
Hitting Back    Celtics make history, tie for franchise's quickest start      
In the Zzone    A stomach turner         
Washington Post    Clashes with Celtics highly anticipated     
Hoopsworld   Davis steps up again as Celtics top Nets 
Yahoo Sports   Cousy thrilled Boston's back in title hunt     
TrueHoop   Colliding trends - watch out New Jersey  
Fox Sports   Meaningless regular season?  Guess again!    
Epic Carnival   Throwing knives        
HoopsAddict    Win a SNY Invitational prize pack       
FanHouse   Celtics bench not too shabby        
Shamrock Headband    And quietly into the night     
Lex Nihil Novi    Danny entertaining offers         
Metro    Pierce is starry eyed       
Connecticut Post     Celtics knock out Nets in 4th    
YouTube    Chris Bosh is funny         

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