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Daily Links 1/13

Herald    Celtics far from magical          
Back issue may keep Rondo on shelf       
For ex-Celt Vincent, Africa remains a growing concern     
Globe   Celtics thrown for a loss      
Rondo out of the lineup      
Gino night fever      
No longer a pall over Pierce      
Conley had twice as much fun       
MetroWest Daily     Doc doing a good job of pacing the vets      
LOY's Place    Wizards rally in the fourth to beat Celtics 85-78      
Comments from the other side      
Celtics 17    Celtics get Wizzed after cutting Nets       
ESPN   Have you heard the one about the East?       
Inside Bay Area   Warriors have chance for Payton      
Can Danny?    Adrenaline shift   
BB Market Place   I like Boston Celtics   
NY Daily News   Who is on deck?        
Denver Post     Celtics show "bad" attitude         
Earthtimes   Celtics in first slump after loss to Wizards      
Chicago Sun Times     The spirit of 70 won     
DC Pro Sports    Bullets strike down the green giants   
Washington Times   Celtics bested      
Washington Post    Wizards down high flying Celtics      
Hoopsworld    Jefferson not utilized correctly       
FanHouse    Boston on top of sports world      
Sports of Boston     Celtics first to 30 wins       
Star Ledger   Scalabrine knows the look of a winner    
Green Bandwagon    Open game thread       
Lex Nihil Novi    Memo to Paul Pierce    
Connecticut Post    Celtics lose power and game     

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