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The Monster Rises In Toronto

Chris Bosh is enjoying 2008.  A lot.

It certainly wasn't like the string bean power forward up north had been sleeping through the end of 2007, as he was averaging up around 20 points and 9 boards per game through December.  But the man is most definitely awake and raring to go now.

Bosh has gotten off to an absurd start to the new year, averaging 29.0 points, 9.4 rebounds and 55.6 percent shooting in five games since the turn of the calendar.

His last two games (both wins) have yielded 40 and 38-point performances.  The two games before that saw him shoot 9-for-11 and 8-for-10 from the field.  He is getting to the line 8.8 times per game this month, an excellent frequency for a power forward who often seems to prefer playing face-up to the basket in the high post.

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The Raps are heating up with their big man, having won three of five this month and five of eight overall to jump to 20-17 on the season, a full game and a half ahead of the Nets for second in the Atlantic Division and a game ahead of the Cavs for fifth in the Eastern Conference.

Because he plays on a relatively unheralded team that isn't a champion or a train wreck, it sometimes becomes far easier than it should be to forget about Chris Bosh.  But doing so is not a good idea.

Just ask the Knicks and Blazers. 

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