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Celtics Links: 1/14/08

Wow. I haven't done the links in months. So enjoy.

Boston Herald
C's Perkins makes a veteran move. Green Bandwagon Note - The Celtics offense, or lack thereof lately, has been difficult to watch.
Boston Globe
Arenas trashes old view, now praises Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - It is difficult for people who don't follow the Wizards on a day-to-day basis to realize how beloved Arenas is by their fans. More on this later in my game preview.
Knicks trounce Pistons. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't dismiss the Celtics loss to the Bobcats and then harp on the Pistons falling to the Knicks. But 65 points? Teams should score 65 against New York 30 minutes into the game, if not sooner.
Celtics Blog
Fixing the Celtics.
Loy's Place
Random Thoughts.
Why the Celtics are in trouble. Green Bandwagon Note - This almost motivated me to write a "Why I Disagree With This Post" post.
Heinsohn shares his thoughts on the Knicks.

"You hate to see a franchise have this many problems, but they kind of dug their own grave. The game is people, not just total talent." - Tommy Heinsohn

The Shamrock Headband
Still 86% Success Rate
Lex Nihil Novi
Offer the Glove a Ten-Day Contract. Green Bandwagon Note - This could work. Unfortunately there are a lot of ways it could not work. I'd rather be safe than sorry on this one.

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