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Celtics Links: 1/15/08

Boston Herald
Garnett figures it's time to fix things.
No pressure for Ainge. Green Bandwagon Note - The worst thing Ainge could do is make a panic move. Meanwhile, it seems odd to pin the last two losses on Rajon Rondo's health, as Gilbert Arenas has played 8 games this season.
Loy's Place
Celtics falter down the stretch, lose to Wizards again.
Comments from the other side - Wizards. Green Bandwagon Note - This is one of those ideas that I wish I could steal and make my own. Unfortunately the Internet makes such plagiarism difficult.
Celtics 17
Don't Judge This Book By Their Cover.
Butler Always Wanted to Be Like Pierce. Green Bandwagon Note - I remember people comparing Butler to Pierce when he came out of UConn. Strangely, Butler even slipped a bit in the draft until Miami grabbed him at #10 - the same spot Pierce went 4 years earlier. Seriously, look at some of the guys that went before Butler. Furthermore, can we all start giving the Lakers a harder time for dealing Butler away for Kwame Brown? Maybe Allen Iverson can hold a press conference and say, "We talkin' bout Kwame Brown" over and over again. Will that help?
Celtics 24/7
They did it again.
Red's Army
Better without Gilbert.
Wizards own Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - Whatever.
Sports of Boston
Wait Celtics, You Can Start Winning Again.
Courtside View
Nobody beats the Wiz.
Sox and Dawgs
The Butler did it, Caron kills Celtics.
Celtics 24/7
I  Wanted to Blame the Celtics, but Can't. Green Bandwagon - Strong Post. As a side note David West is the man.
Hoopsvide, via BSMW
The Boston Celtics' Losses: It's a Matter of Perspective.
Kevin Garnett tops NBA Jersey Sales.
Shamrock Headband
Snow Daze.
Got Garnett
Wizards double up on C's.

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