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Ainge Still In No Rush

Ainge is not (publicly) feeling any pressure to add a point guard.  (Bulpett reports)

"I’m very comfortable with this roster," director of basketball operations Danny Ainge said. "When you get off to a start like this, there’s a lot of factors in it - a lot of people playing key roles. And you can’t underestimate or undervalue the personalities in the locker room or the personalities on the court. So you’ve got to be very careful of toying with the roster under those kind of circumstances."

Ainge believes the current C’s have the personnel to deal with fullcourt defense.

"It’s not just on the point guard to break pressure," Ainge said. "We have a lot of guys like Ray (Allen), KG (Kevin Garnett), Scal (Brian Scalabrine) and Big Baby (Glen Davis) that in my opinion can all handle the ball and make big passes. It’s not all about dribbling. There are a lot of ways to break pressure.

"The bottom line is that everybody wants (point guards) Chris Paul and Deron Williams and Jason Kidd, and those guys are special. But there’s not many of those guys around. And we have a pretty good point guard ourselves in Rajon (Rondo), and we have a lot of weapons around him. I think that breaking pressure is a team element. The easy way is with a spectacular point guard, but I believe that there’s multiple ways to beat pressure."

I'm sure Ainge believes all these things, and to an extent he's right.  However, I'm not buying the fact that he feels no pressure at all to add a piece or two to this team to fill in some of the holes that are finally starting to show on this team.  He just doesn't want the league to think he's desperately seeking help.  There's no need to drive the price up.

In other (related?) news, Webber is close to making a decision on who he'll be playing for this year. 

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