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Daily Links 1/15

Herald    C’s cast into cold spell     
Losses test C's mettle        
Garnett figures it's time to fix things      
No pressure for Ainge       
Globe     Wiz skid:   Celtics lose again     
Slump has caught them off guard       
Injury limits Rondo      
New NBA tactic:  Get out the vote       
Various posts about last night's game from Globe's Celtics Blog  
MetroWest Daily    Celtics hit winter chill     
Back to back losses are reason to worry    Post ups Notebook:   Courtside live   
Celtics falter down the stretch, lose to Wizards again  
Comments from the other side - Wizards      
Celtics 17     Don't judge this book by their cover      
ESPN   Power Rankings - Celtics still first in spite of losses    
Hoopsworld    Butler wanted to be like Pierce      
Celtics 24/7   They did it again      
Red's Army    Better without Gilbert      
Worcester Telegram    Allen can't find scoring rhythm      
C's under Wizards' spell     
FanHouse    Wizards own the Celtics
Sports of Boston    Wait Celtics, you can start winning again       
Connecticut Post    Wizards double up on Celtics    
Courtside View   Nobody beats the Wiz        
Absolute Sports Report     Things are great in Boston except for the Celtics   
Washington Times    Deja Vu:  Wizards pull upset      
Washington Post    Win over Celtics is deja vu     
Sox and Dawgs    The Butler did it,  Caron kills Celtics       
Sixers for Guidos    Blogger MVP/ROY rankings round 4  
Hornets 24/7    I wanted to blame the Celtics but can't   
Fox Sports     Moving in opposite directions      
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's thrash Cavs to move to 26-8     
Doc Rivers approaches quadruple double in prelude to game against 86 C's    
The delicate balance    
Hoopsvibe   The Celtics losses are a matter of perspective        
Basketbawful   Powerless rankings      
SBR Forum    Numbers say Celtics, Blazers on the rise      
Sports Tribune   With new big three, Ainge is riding high      
SportsBiz   Kevin Garnett tops NBA Jersey Sales     
Shamrock Headband   Snow Daze     
Got Garnett    Wizards double up on C's     
Metro    The D is the key to this Celtics team      


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