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Point Guard Woes

Hate to say I told you so, but...

Peter May:

This is hardly a novel idea - we've been discussing this since the summer - but what is keeping the Celtics from bringing in someone with experience to back up Rondo; in other words, a point guard? Or, failing that, why not thrust Gabe Pruitt into the mix? Isn't that why they drafted him? He may not be ready, but he at least has experience at the position. They could activate ex-Williams point guard Mike Crotty, their jack of all trades, and he'd probably be an upgrade.

Other than Garnett, Rondo may be the one guy the team can ill afford to lose because he makes so much happen out there at both ends. Watching Tony Allen or Eddie House trying to run an offense is like waiting for a turnover to happen. It's not in their DNA. It is in Rondo's. And he is a certifiable beast on defense as well as an excellent rebounder.

Kelly Dwyer:

Boston has a real point guard problem. With Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen too hurt to effectively get the ball up court, Eddie House and (to a lesser extent, thankfully) Tony Allen were left to try and initiate the offense, and they had issues even getting rid of the ball after squirming their way past the half-court line. House and Allen are not point guards, their assist ratios and turnover ratios (not assist-to-turnover ratios, that's all way in the past) aren't even good for shooting guards, and they shouldn't be forced into this position. Danny Ainge: sign Randy Livingston. Sign Ron Livingston. Sign anyone.

The Celtics kept having to start their possession with 13-14 seconds (or far less, even) on the shot clock, and sometimes didn't get the ball into the hands of one of their isolation targets (Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett, usually, with Allen obviously pulling up lame with a pinched nerve) until six or seven seconds remained on the shot clock.

This meant ball movement, or the extra pass, was out of the question as Pierce and KG had to rise up and save the day with one (usually perimeter) shot.

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