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LeBron James Is No Orien Greene

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Indeed not.

As is fast becoming common knowledge in the basketball community, Bron Bron was pulled over for going 101 mph in a 65 zone on his way back home after the team landed in Cleveland to conclude a road trip in late December.

Some fun stuff from the AP story on the matter:

 "I was doing 101," James said Monday after practice. "That's it. I was speeding. I've just got to abide by the law. I got caught. It happens."

When James was asked if he will continue traveling at such speed, he said: "I don't know, maybe at times. It's not a big deal to me. You've just got to abide by the rules that's all. I made a mistake and I'll live with it."

I'm no expert on driving laws, but from my Driver's Ed experience way back when, Bron is fortunate he didn't manage to pull these shenanigans in New York (or a variety of other states with similar laws).  Going 30-plus miles per hour over the speed limit is grounds for a reckless driving charge, which, when combined with the other violations likely to be committed, adds double-digit points on one's license, sometimes enough to call for an immediate revocation of license.  The laws are strictest for those under 21, but they aren't too kind to anyone in general.  And rightfully so.

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Meanwhile, in case anybody out there was having doubts, it appears that the incident is just one more piece of evidence that LeBron is not, in fact, Orien Greene.  Greene, of course, was suspended by the C's after being caught doing 90 on a Boston main street in the spring of 2006 and subsequently cut after the season.

Here's wondering if the difference in the Cavs' punishment of Bron (none, so far as I know) and the Celts' of Greene had something to do with on-court rather than in-court behaviors.

Actually, scratch that.  There is no wondering to be done here.  Just please be more careful next time, Bron Bron. 

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