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Who is Out There? - Point Guards

I ran part part 1 of this 2 part series on Monday. Once again I'm at a complete loss as to what the Celtics should do. Awesome (in a sarcastic way).

1. The Red Flag
Dee Brown - I know what you're thinking. Just because Larry Miller thinks Brown is a bad influence does not mean the former Illinois star is a bad guy. In fact some would argue that having Miller distrust a person is a compliment of sorts. And yes Brown was cleared of rape accusations. But by red flag I meant something entirely different. Brown just might not be a NBA player.

2. As Long As You Know He's a Back Up
Keith McLeod - He came graduated from Bowling Green and bounced around the NBA and several other professional leagues. I wish I had something more in depth to say. Is it bad that I worry about guys who actually graduate from college nowadays? I find myself thinking - he wasn't good enough to leave early?

Mike Wilks - He is in his sixth season out of Rice and to this point has been a Hawk, Timberwolf, Rocket, Spur, Cavalier, Sonic, Nugget and Wizard. The 2008 season is currently the third time in his career he has played for two teams in the same season. He's interesting for three reasons:

  1. Despite being that well traveled I've heard numerous people write or type good things about him.
  2. He may be a Wizard. However, I'm not entirely sure if that is still the case now that Antonio Daniels is back. I know that Wilks has not played since December 29th.
  3. Wilks has a ring.
3. The You Thought Dee Brown Was A Red Flag Category?

DerMarr Johnson - This makes perfect sense if the Celtics want to pretend that another non-point guard is actually a point guard. In the process they could replace Gerald Green's fast break dunking ability, Michael Olowokandi's getting tasered ability and Sebastian Telfair as the resident high school phenom whose skills do not translate to the NBA. And yes I realize that tasered is not a word. Is it weirder that I included a 6-9 guy in a post about point guards just to take a shot at Olowokandi or that Johnson actually had a cup of coffee with the Spurs this season?

Smush Parker - Let's review. The Miami Heat are struggling, battling injuries and thin at the point guard position. And yet Parker has not played since November and by all accounts the Heat don't want him around. Unless the Celtics have a valet that is giving them a hard time, they should pass. NEXT!

4. Unfortunately No

Randy Livingston - He's 33 years old, had some knee troubles that derailed his development as a player, bounced around the league and looks a little bit like Antoine Walker crossed with Jarrett Jack in this picture.

5. He Wants You To Want Him

Travis Best - A Massachusetts native, currently playing overseas. He had a 10-year career, with one trip to the Finals, which included Best knocking Ray Allen's Bucks out of the playoffs. Though he declared his interest in the Celtics, this is his third season out of the NBA and Danny Ainge has not returned the interest.

Gary Payton - Pros: Tons of experience, won a ring with the Heat/James Posey, played with the Celtics under Doc Rivers, brings a ton of swagger, one of the best point guards ever.

Cons: His swagger is no longer in line with his skills, which have noticeably declined, particularly on defense. Has the potential to be a disruptive force in the locker room. Chose to essentially kick the Celtics while they were down last season, even if he was right.

6. Probably The Most Talented Guy

Earl Boykins - He's a 5-5, 30-year old scoring machine that remains unsigned mainly because he wants more money than teams are willing to give him. On the one hand he would be fantastic for the Celtics because he could score at will and carry a second team that usually relies on Ray Allen or Pierce. At the same time the Celtics organization has to be concerned with the Detroit Pistons. And I don't see Boykins being able to defend the much bigger, more physical Chauncey Billups. The Celtics probably don't need two guards on the team that can't do that. As a side note I would love a NBA TV segment titled, "WTF Is Going On With Earl Boykins?"

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