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Ray Allen Remembers He's Pretty Good Too

A big 35 points for Ray Allen toinght, including some big baskets in the 4th.  Some more quick hit thoughts:

  • Yup, Brandon Roy is as good as advertised.  Seemed like he was always part of the play, especially when they were scoring.
  • The Blazers had a hot hand from outside 45% that had me worried for a while.  Aldridge, Jack, and Outlaw all had solid games.
  • Ray didn't have it going early so he took the ball to the hoop to get into it a bit, then found his stroke.
  • I was actually pretty happy with Gabe Pruitt's first extended minutes (that I can remember).  He hit his first shot and then couldn't buy a basket but he played well enough on D and didn't turn it over.  I thought he moved well out there and looked pretty natural.  I'd like to see him keep getting minutes here and there - even when Rondo is well.
  • Big Baby is just a joy to watch.  He didn't even have a extraordinary game but he makes things happen.  He's a player, plain and simple.
  • Good win against a very solid opponent.  Nice to get back on track.

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