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Craziness When Obie and Nellieball Collide

The Golden State Warriors had 12 steals in the first quarter last night in Indiana.

By the middle of the third quarter, the Pacers had turned the ball over 20 times.  The Warriors turned it over 11 times for the game.

As a result, despite the fact that the Pacers were plus-20 in rebounding and just plus-1 in free throw attempts, the Warriors took nine more shots from the field.

Three Warriors had at least six assists.

The Pacers had five steals as a team.   Baron Davis had seven on his own.

So, naturally, in the upside-down world that is that of Nellieball, when all was said and done, the Warriors had eight less points than the host Pacers did.

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This is what happens when two teams that love to run and shoot come together for a track meet.  They combine for 136 second-half points, including 70 in the fourth quarter.  One of said teams can legitimately go for 46 points in that fourth quarter and not have it really seem that out of place.  Thanks to 11-for-21 shooting from the field (including 7 treys) and a perfect 17-for-17 mark from the foul line in the fourth, that is exactly what Jim O'Brien's Pacers did.

Even without point guard Jamaal Tinsley, the Pacers ran and ran and ran. 

And when it was all over, they outran the team most known for its running and gunning.

Both of these teams need more national exposure.  If only they had some games on the same nights the Heat are scheduled to play over the next month... 

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