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Follow Up: Third Quarter Collapse Is Concerned About Rashard Lewis...And Everyone Else

After the publishing of today's column supporting Orlando GM Otis Smith's intimation that the team will stand pat as the trading deadline draws nearer, I had the chance to speak with Ben Q Rock of SB Nation's Magic blog, Third Quarter Collapse.  As someone who covers this team and follows it night in and night out, Ben Q looks at this team with a far more critical eye than I do in some regards, and he posted a mid-season report card for the team on his site.  A particularly intriguing tidbit of note on Rashard Lewis:

  • COMMENTS: Scoring is down, but he opens up the middle for Dwight. Needs to stop wishing he was on other teams -- why does he still have the Rockets jersey with his name on it Houston gave him this summer? Why did he say he would have accepted a $100 contract to stay with Seattle? Disconcerting.
It's an interesting read all around, and Ben Q has an array of other noteworthy observations about the likes of Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis and the team as a whole.  Definitely worth a look if you get the chance.

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