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As the Celtics Pursue One Title, Gerald Chases Another

With Celtics fans rightfully consumed by the boys' chase for their seventeenth banner in June, it is worth noting that one former member of the green and white will be looking to keep the pace by getting his own this coming February.

That's right, folks: According to the Timberwolves' website, Gerald Green will be returning to defend his dunk contest title at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.

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Sadly, Gerald's victory in the contest was one of the highlights of the Celtics' season a year ago.  Getting to root simply for "no injuries to our guys, because they will be needed for the meaningful games" will be a pleasure.  Because, of course, it means that there will be meaningful games.

Meanwhile, I'll be boosting Gerald in the slam dunk contest because he did provide one of last year's few bright spots, and -- let's face it -- the kid still has incredible athleticism.

If only he could have Paul Pierce back to lob him the best off-the-side-of-the-backboard pass you'll ever see again. 

(See a YouTube clip of last year's contest here)

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