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Phantom Buzz

I almost always have my cell phone set to vibrate-only because I am often in environments (work, church, etc.) where I don't want it going off and I'm too lazy to keep switching it back and forth between ring and vibrate-only.

This works for me, except in the case of the phantom buzz.  Like when I have my leg resting against the side door in my car (hey, I've got long legs ok?) and I feel the vibration of the car, my brain still thinks I'm getting a phone call.  And sometimes, it doesn't even take that.  Maybe it is a muscle spasm or something, but at least two or three times a day my hand goes instinctively to my pocket.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I'm trying to paint you a picture.  You see, when I read things like this Chris Sheridan column on trades, instinctively my ears perk up and I start wondering how various players would look in green.  Or when I see Chad Ford has a chat, I immediately want to know which of the top prospects is looking good.

Then reality sets in and I remember that we don't have the ability to trade for anything other than table scraps and our first round draft pick is going to be just a few spots higher than our second rounder was last year.  Phantom buzz.

But hey, I can't complain too much.  I spent many a year daydreaming about getting Kevin Garnett to Boston and that finally happened.  So when I get phantom buzz, it is just a nice reminder that I already got the call I was waiting for.

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