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Daily Links 1/18

Herald   Win win for the Celtics       
Name of the game       
Globe   Pruitt giving the Celtics a new point of view       
Sixers thumbnails   
MetroWest Daily    House hopes he is on point      
CelticsBlog    Is Gabe the answer at back up PG?     
LOY's Place    Random thoughts      
Celtics 17  Ray outduels Roy   
Hoopsworld    Top five in the clutch       
Bllazers didn't expect to win      
Philly Inquirer     Celtics aren't stressed over stumble    
Dalembert delivering against a tall order  
Philly Burbs     Celtics bring out the best in opponents     
Full Court Press   Tony Allen:  the good, the bad, and the case for more minutes     
Lex Nihil Novi  Sichting shines in Ainge's absence for 86 C's    
Sichting's advantage over Jesus     
Philly Daily News   Doc sees some of himself in young protege    
Patriot Ledger    Ray Allen knows about special feelings   
Inside the Bay Area   Leon Powe emotional at son's birth      
Perkisabeast   KG makes baby Blazers cry    
Yahoo   The 10 man rotation starring KG and the bane of his existence    
NBA Rumors    Celtics should explore adding a point guard     
Post Bulletin    Does a bad team deserve an All Star?   
WEEI    Doc on Dennis and Callahan     
KG on Dale and Holley    Celtics show their vulnerable side      
Nashua Telegraph   KG is the glue of a team with many characters    
Deadspin   Fire up that Celtics hype machine again    
Boston SportZ    KG wants to rip heads off     
Sports of Boston    The Ray Allen guarantee      
Eagle Tribune    Ray of Light:  Slumping Allen, Celts bust out    
Center Court   Trash talk is garbage     Rondo sits out practice, likely out against Philly    Green to defend dunk title      
Courtside View   Rondo doubtful for Sixers     
Shamrock Headband    The scary one      
Metro    The sixth sense        
OC Register    Is Cassell going to be a Celtic?        


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