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It's been about eight hours since the Boston Celtics defeated the New York Knicks. And to be honest I'm not even remotely over it. Let's hit some of the highlights:

  1. Kevin Garnett taking over down the stretch.
  2. Tommy Heinsohn, not surprisingly, and Mike Gorman, surprisingly, letting their disdain for the Knicks players out. Repeatedly.
  3. Quentin Richardson and Paul Pierce getting ejected. Advantage Knicks.
  4. Jamal Crawford's offensive game. It's legit.
  5. New York's malaise on defense.
  6. The amount of weight Eddy Curry, Jerome James and Richardson are carrying.
  7. Nate Robinson's inspired play.
  8. Rajon Rondo's flashes of excellence.
  9. Eddie House's back breaking threes and subsequent trash talking.
  10. David Lee. He looks lost.
In hindsight #2, particularly with Gorman, was the most shocking. That probably deserves its own blog post at some point. But instead I've decided to switch gears and have a little fun. First you have to watch the following clip:

I've loved that ever since I found it on Posting and Toasting last summer. So I got to thinking. How awesome would it be if I acted like that after a blog post? Let's pretend my entourage, a reporter and a bunch of random people were around when I finished my Brian Scalabrine/Brian Cardinal tale of the tape. Why? For whatever reason I really enjoyed that post more than anything I have done over the past three months or so. Regardless, here's how I see it going down:

Me: "Did y'all see? Did y'all see? We got a post on BRIAN SCALABRINE? Did anybody see that?
Random dude in my entourage: "YES SIR!"
Me: "You see the post I pulled off?"
Random dude in my entourage: "YES SIR!"
Me:  "Did anybody see the post I pulled off for Green Bandwagon?!"
Random dudes in my entourage:  "Damn straight!" "That's right!"
Me:  "Did anybody see what I did?!"
Me:  "We got a post on BRIAN SCALABRINE! We got a story for people to link to!"
Random dudes in my entourage:  "YES SIR!" "Now you got help son!"
Me:  "They're scared now!"
Random dude in my entourage:  "Yeah, yeah yeah!"
Me:  "We got help now!"
Random dudes in my entourage:  "That's what it is!" "Everybody wanna..."
Me:  "We got help now!"
Random dude in my entourage: "YES SIR!"
Me: "We got a Brian Scalabrine story and a Rajon Rondo poll!"
Random dude in my entourage: "Yeah!"
Me: "What's up?"
Random dude in my entourage: "Yeah! You got help now!"
Me: "Talk to me!"
Random dude in my entourage: "Talk to my man!"
Me: "I ain't even gotta tell you, you already know. Brian Scalabrine post on one side and you got...a new poll, switch it up you think there's two answers but there's really three, come on now, that's that' can't beat that."
Report: "Sounds like you expect to be on Hardwood Paroxysm's Award Ballot next year.
Me: "I expect to write better than what we wrote like last year. That's it."
Reporter: "Is this the move that puts you over the edge right now you think?"
Me: "Beyond (incredulous look on my face). It was a power move. We needed it and we got it. We got a younger, youthier post per, post within young, within um Brian Scalabrine."

Final Thoughts:

Linking to my own site 6 times in one post seems to be the rough equivalent of Marbury's ego. And yes that's my clever attempt to explain why I linked to Green Bandwagon 6 times in a post on Green Bandwagon. Make that 8. What an ass...

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