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Bedtime Reading: The Game Within the Game

Yep, for the second time in less than a month, we're back with a reading recommendation.  This time around, we look to player-turned-broadcaster-turned author Walt "Clyde" Frazier for his latest work, The Game Within the Game.

As regular visitors to this space are well aware, I'm a huge fan of the work done by Frazier and play-by-play man Mike Breen on MSG's telecasts of the New York Knicks.  His patented phraseology ("penetrating and devastating," "swishing and dishing," "omnipotence," "posting and toasting," to name just a few), general goofiness and true insight on the game make a great combination, and Frazier is a pleasure to listen to each and every time he announces a game.

His book is more of the same in all regards.

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Frazier goes high and low to discuss all things relevant to the game of basketball.  From his recall of lessons learned during his playing days to his analysis of the game today to his own tips for success, Clyde covers a wide range of topics and keeps readers captivated throughout. 

Frazier's commentaries on the players and NBA culture of today are brutally honest, perhaps surprisingly so for a man whose day job involves being employed by James Dolan.  His anecdotes from his playing days are both thoughtful and entertaining.  And Clyde's word choice makes the book a better choice than any SAT review book for the aspiring high school student.

Walt Frazier has seen basketball from every angle imaginable, and he has the ability to analyze it in a variety of manners.  The Game Within the Game is a perfect demonstration of this and makes a good quick read for any basketball fan looking to hear a few good stories and experience an informed old-school perspective on the game.

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