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Stoudamire Wants To Be A Celtic

The Commercial Appeal is reporting:

The Grizzlies recently presented point guard Damon Stoudamire with a buyout offer that would have required the 34-year-old to give back nearly 80 percent of his expected salary for next season.

Stoudamire is preparing to counter in hopes of joining a contender soon. Stoudamire is hopeful that he can sign as a free agent with Boston, which is looking for help behind Rajon Rondo.

Negotiations toward a buyout could heat up Monday when Griz owner Michael Heisley is expected in town for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day game against the Chicago Bulls.

And it appears that Stoudamire's immediate future will more likely involve a buyout rather than a trade. The Griz have already turned down more than one trade involving Stoudamire because the deal would have left the 13-year veteran in an undesirable position.

On a related note, at least one Clippers blogger can't see Sam Cassell being bought out and he isn't likely to be traded for anything but another expiring salary.

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