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Box Score Fun

zach.jpg I am not a big stats guy, but I have to admit there is more and more evidence that the traditional points/rebounds just don't tell the whole story.  Witness the following lines from today's game.

  • Zack Randolph: 24 pts., 15 reb.
  • Eddie Curry: 19 pts., 6 reb.
  • Total tally Knicks: 43 pts., 21 reb.
  • Kevin Garnett: 20 pts., 13 reb.
  • Kendrick Perkins: 24 pts., 8 reb.
  • Total tally Celtics: 44 pts., 21 reb.

Looks pretty even doesn't it?  If I just gave you those stats before you saw the game, could you tell me who won?

Now look at the +/- stat.

  • Zack Randolph: -10
  • Eddie Curry: -22
  • Kevin Garnett: +34
  • Kendrick Perkins:+13
Seems pretty clear doesn't it?

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