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Knicks Fans Are Bitter & Funny

FLCeltsFan runs a feature on LOY's Place called "Comments From The Other Side" where she scours the message boards of opposing teams' fan-sites.  It is always enlightening and frequently (especially this year) satisfiyingly amusing.   Here are some highlights during and yesterday's game:

This is a good barometer for the Knicks. Are they for real, or did they just beat up on a few tired teams last week?

At what time of the game do the "Fire Isiah" chants start?

Doc Rivers is sexually harrassing Isiah Thomas!!!

Shotblocking is overrated. Isn't that right Zeke 

Perkins on pace to score 120 points. Look out Wilt.

Perkins is the same guy who dropped a bed on his toe....This is great New York, let the clumsy one go off

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WOW! As soon as eddy comes back Perkins starts going off again. And he's making ALL of his free throws which he's usually terrible at. 

Guess we'll never ever confuse Isiah Thomas as good coach again.

Well, we've still got the giants!

And Boston has the Patriots

LOL nice trade for us Q for Pierce

Richardson best play of the game. 

Did anyone see Perkins post game interview.
"Kg talks the talk and WAlks the WALK. He is a constant teacher to us yuong guys about the game. He is the first one in the gym, last one out. He does all his work int he weight room, takes care of his body. He is just a leader on and off the court"
Damn... Now has anyone ever said that about one knick since the isiah era?

There is nothing wrong with a little jawing in heated games that have meaning, but everytime I see the camera I see garnett with his over the top antics,and pierce jawing and yet, when winning time hits the table, I mean taking it to the next round, the next step, these guys have seemed to fall short.. That to me is irritating... But lets be real. How good were pierce and garnetts teams last year? It is funny when losing, these guys were awful damn quiet...

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