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Daily Links 1/22

Herald    Pierce, C's lose it in a win      
Davis a big fan of Faulk     
Doc earns trip to All Star game      
Garnett, Perkins lead Celtics to 2nd victory over Knicks, 109-93     
Globe    Celtics trash Knicks     
Rivers wins the job and other notes    Post ups notes and quotes     
CelticsBlog   Dear Paul, please stay cool       
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Knicks     
Perk stars as Celtics stay perfect in division     
Full Court Press    History shows losing streak not the end of the world     
Celtics 17    Doc will coach All Star game, unlike Isiah     
ESPN   Power Rankings - Celtics cling to the top spot   
Super Bowl scufflers, Celtics and Knicks deliver warm up act         
Garnett powers Celtics past lowly Knicks      
Hoopsworld    Another Boston beatdown   
McMillan, Rivers remember when     
Top five MVP candidates     
Fox Sports    Perkins powers Celtics home    
Handing out the hardware         
Knicks Knacks   What's that noise?    
Sox and Dawgs   Pierce ejected as Celtics spank Knicks     
TrueHoop   Liveblogging an afternoon of mucho NBA Basketball   
My Sportsbook   Perkins' career performance helps Celtics take down Knicks       
New York Times    Celtics end Knicks' modest winning trend     
Lacking flaws at 33-6, Celtics nitpick and roll        
Courtside Blog   Clear sailing for the Celtics            
GGower   Boston Celtics' fans love Gino Vanelli   Gomes scores 35 as Wolves win on the road    
Of All Trades   Looking back and reconsidering        
NY Post    Another big loss to the Celtics   
Sullying MLK's memory      
Celtics Knicks get down and dirty   
Pro Hoops Weekly    The Celtics are a team again       
RealGM    Green, Gay, Howard and Moon to compete in dunk contest    
Perkisabeast     Perk is a Beast    Knicks see progress in loss to Celtics     
Connecticut Post    Perkins is 'King' for a Day; Celtics beat Knicks   
NY Daily News   Knicks get trashed by Celtics      
Celtics commit giant blunders        
Isiah Thomas:  We need a Kevin Garnett      
Can't Stop the Bleeding     Defending the honor of Jared Jeffries     
NY Sun     Celtics send Knicks fans crashing back to reality     
Newsday   Celtics scoffing at former rival Knicks       
After trash talking, Celtics dump Knicks       
The Star    Celtics special but game isn't      
Sports of Boston    Kendrick's perks help beat the Knicks     
Star Ledger    Giants steal spotlight as Celts beat Knicks       
Green Bandwagon    Yes sir!    
Lex Nihil Novi   Remembering the first Celtics Lakers game in 1986       
Some thought 86 Lakers might be the best ever      
86 C's prepare for Lakers   
Green Colored Glasses   Back in gear so far so good         
Metro    Pulling for Powe     
Bleacher Report    Come to Boston, Damon       
Slam Online    Game notes Celtics vs Knicks  

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